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Local Benefits

SCFB Exclusives

SCFB Board Room Rentals
  • Our board room is available for members to use for meetings and trainings upon request and approval.
Stanislaus Farm News
Stanislaus Farm E-news
Western Weather Phone
  • As a member of Stanislaus County Farm Bureau, you can receive the Western Weather Phone subscription service for $125.00 a year (discounted from $540.00 per year) and have three email addresses associated with their account. Additional emails will cost $5.00 per email address (discounted from $24.00 per email address).
J. Larsen Pumps
  • A local company I.J. Larsen Pumps offers Farm Bureau members 10% off the list price on a new water pump or tank. Call (209) 529-2020 get more information.
Anteris Agronomics
  • Anteris Agronomics offers 10% off the following programs: full service domestic well sampling, irrigation water sampling, soil sampling, manure/compost sampling, nutrient management plans, nutrient management plan value package pricing, reverse osmosis system install, and domestic well sampling.
Drone of Hire
Compliance Help
  • In our office we current offer the compliance help for the following issues
    1. Irrigated Lands Program
    2. Truck Rule
    3. Stock Ponds
Discounted Trainings
  • Stanislaus County Farm Bureau works hard to provide a training program to help members with constantly changing regulations. We offer numerous amounts of trainings throughout the year. Let us know what training you or your company needs. (submit here button)
Monthly Coupon Program
  • In our Stanislaus Farm News, we offer coupon for local businesses. These coupons are constantly changing. Keep your eyes open to see what we will offer next.
  1. Stanislaus Farm News
  2. Stanislaus Farm E-news
  3. AgAlert
  4. California Bountiful
      Business Services
      1. FELS
      2. Farm Bureau Bank
      3. Preferred Alliance
      4. A4 Promotions
      5. County Connect
      Travel and Entertainment
      1. Choice Hotels
      2. Wyndham Hotels
      3. Theme Park Discounts
      1. Kelly-Moore Paints
      2. Dunn-Edwards Paints
      1. Nationwide
      2. Keenan Direct
      1. Farm Bureau Prescription Discount Card
      2. AirMedCare Network
      3. Clear Value Hearing
      4. Lenscrafters
      • American Gas
      Agricultural Supplies
      1. Catapillar
      2. Case HI
      3. Grainger Industrial Supply
      4. O’Reilly Auto Parts
      John Deere
      Vehicle Purchase and Rentals

      State & National Benefits

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