A Message from our President

Stanislaus County is a very diverse agricultural county, and Ag is the economic driver.  The agricultural industry adds over $7B, both directly and indirectly, to our local economy. The two top commodities within the county are almonds and milk.  There are over 3,600 farms in the county, and 94% are classified as family farms.

We have many challenging issues facing agriculture, including over-regulation, labor, immigration, taxes, water, animal and environmental activists, and misinformed urban public.  We must stand together stronger than ever to counteract the adversities so that and the next generations will have the same opportunities.  We must preserve our right to farm.

The structure of the Farm Bureau allows all members the opportunity for input on the direction of local, State, and National policies.    We must come together for the common good, which is to promote and protect agriculture.  We must build membership and get everyone involved on all levels by serving on the board or  committees and supporting Farm PAC and Farm Team.   In addition Leadership Farm Bureau, use of social media, and Ag in the Classroom help to educate and achieve our goal.   California Farm Bureau Federation (CFBF) and American Farm Bureau (AFB) have strong legal teams who work to help protect our livelihoods.

Serving as County President has allowed me the tremendous opportunity to represent all of you.  I have had the pleasure of attending events and talking with many Legislators, Congressmen, Cabinet Members, and community members in my quest to support the vision of Stanislaus County Farm Bureau. 

Thank you to our members, the Board and staff who have worked tirelessly on the issues for the agricultural industry and Farm Bureau.   With everyone’s support, the agricultural community continues to make great progress on the challenging issues.  

We have been working on rebranding our County Farm Bureau.   We have approved a new logo and slogan, “For the Good of your Food.”  We will implement a new website that will be easier to navigate and will keep members updated.  We have been doing more social media and will develop podcasts.  The transformation will allow us to convey our vital information to you and the general public.

We strongly encourage new membership from individuals and businesses. Prospective members should contact the Farm Bureau office for a membership packet, which details many benefits and discounts.    

I wish all of you a happy, prosperous year, which strengthens our organization when we work together for a true grassroots effort. 

Jake Wenger, SCFB President 


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